Project Description

The Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association was founded in 1968 to serve as the “Voice of the Provincial Construction Industry”. Providing a forum through which members can discuss and resolve issues of common interest, their goal is to coordinate and develop policies and programs that will enhance the professionalism, productivity, and profitability of members.

The Challenge

In an effort to provide actionable inspiration to the public, and shed light on the many hard-working and diverse professionals that make up the Newfound and Labrador Construction industry, the NLCA teamed up with Gale Force Wins to launch a podcast in which they would interview provincial industry professionals to discuss their career journeys and what drove them to become who they are today. Dubbed the Building Newfoundland and Labrador Podcast, they recruited a variety of guests from every corner of the construction industry and began to record episodes.

With the interviews underway, their next challenge was promotion and distribution. The NLCA turned to our team at Newfound Marketing to derive the best way to get as many eyes and ears on these episodes as possible.

The Solution

Through the use of podcast distribution hosting services like Buzzsprout and Youtube, social media content creation, and paid media campaigns that had all been developed for and approved by the client, we began to roll out the promotional materials for the Building Newfoundland and Labrador Podcast. Within a few weeks, we gained the attention of professionals in the provincial construction industry and established a level of respect for pushing to promote what wonderful opportunities the industry had to offer.

The Results

Now on its second season, the NLCA continues to launch new episodes of the Building Newfoundland and Labrador Podcast, showcasing a number of inspiring individuals with unique expertise and career goals, while also encouraging the next generation to follow in their footsteps. Through helping the NLCA on this project we too have learned that the provincial construction industry in Newfoundland and Labrador has so much to offer, and we’re proud to be able to help continue spreading this message.