Project Description

Connie Parsons School of Dance (CPSOD) became the new owner of Judy Fagan’s School in 1996, continuing a legacy of dance that spans over 40 years in St. John’s, Newfoundland. CPSOD has continued to grow, thrive, and improve over the years. They’ve given many students a positive introduction to the world of dance and many teachers their first opportunity to do what they love before moving on to full-time careers in dance.

The Challenge

There are many moving parts in the world of dance and dance instruction. It can be a confusing world for people new to the scene. Connie needed a site that would make it easy for parents and students to find the information they needed as easily as possible. Whether it was what to wear to a dance class, how to register, or finding out what classes were offered, the site needed to be a one-stop self-serve tool for Connie’s business.

The Solution

We switched her from Squarespace to WordPress, giving her a flexible mobile-friendly design that can change and adapt as the business changes. We used a framework that would make it possible for Connie to edit all of her own content without being tied to a layout or needing to know any code. This framework plus our custom training session set her up for success. We reorganized the content on her site to create a user-friendly path to all information. Visitors will no longer need to dig around to find what they need and this should reduce the number of emails, DMs, and phone calls Connie needs to field. We’ve also connected the site to advanced analytics so that the site can be further analyzed to determine the most popular content and most searched terms so that it can be further optimized.

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