Project Description

The Canadian Organization of Paramedic Regulators is comprised of self-regulating colleges and government regulators of the Paramedic profession in Canada. Their purpose is to facilitate the collective and collaborative action in current and future interests of pan-Canadian Paramedic regulation and to support the development of a common understanding of provincial and federal obligations that may impact regulator functions. Their vision is to influence and progressively advance best practices in paramedic regulation while staying committed to operating with integrity in the pursuit of excellence through collaboration, respect, innovation, transparency, and accountability.

The Challenge

As a national organization with employees all across Canada, COPR organized a conference for their team to come together and work collectively in one place, which just so happened to be our lovely home of St. John’s, Newfoundland. With these few days being the rare time the entire team is together, they decided it would be great to capture this moment on camera and use this opportunity to convey their mission, vision, and values in engaging, short-form video clips featuring a few different members of their team. With an organization tackling issues as important and complex as COPR, we knew that boiling it all down into short videos that were digestible would not be easy.

The Solution

Teaming up with Altitude Media, we created a storyboard of key shots to capture and a plan of attack to get them. The foundation of our videos was the talking headshot, a classic interview-style frame featuring the faces of COPR themselves as they discussed the work that they do and the meaning behind it. With several talking points established beforehand, we set up a comfortable and eye-catching environment at their conference venue to shoot the interviews in the best way possible. We then captured B-roll footage of the team collaborating during their conference and weaved the clips throughout the videos in conjunction with compelling stills of paramedics operating in the field. All of this was to illustrate the incredible efforts of the team at COPR and how important the work they do is to the paramedic profession in Canada.

The Result

The final cuts were crisp, compelling, and professional testimonials that tackled different talking points regarding the work of COPR, while also showcasing the collaborative effort of the diverse team that makes it all possible. We set out with the goal of conveying a complex message in a simple way, and with the help of our collaborators at Altitude Media, and the incredible team at COPR, we’re happy to say that we were able to do just that.