Project Description

Trinity Eco Tours is a tour company specializing in the viewing and interaction of marine wildlife off the coast of Trinity Bay. They offer personal yet educational experiences through guided boat tours, sea kayaking, and ATV adventures, all with true Newfoundland charm. Their passion for whales, icebergs, and the place they call home is truly infectious and will make you feel like you’re family from the moment you step aboard.

The Challenge

With the off-season upon them, Trinity Eco Tours was looking to give their site an update. They wanted to keep their current booking system intact while refreshing the look, efficiency, and overall user experience of their website.

The Solutions

We customized a modern theme on the WordPress platform and paired it with the FareHarbour plug-in to maintain their current booking system. To refresh the overall appearance, we made some tweaks to their current brand colours and logo and opted for a more mainstream page layout making the site more user-friendly. Since Trinity Eco Tours has so many incredible photos and videos, we were able to add video content to the homepage and update the imagery throughout to showcase the unique experience their tours offer.

Completing this project during the off-season allowed Trinity Eco Tours to unveil their new look just in time for tour season and optimize their bookings.